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Enjoy Better Packaging Solutions from Young Chance Pack

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Brand Gene of LangFang YongChuang

LangFang YongChuang - Young Chance Pack

LangFang is the headquarter of the company, located in Hebei Province, China, adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin; YongChuang is "never stop, create beauty", highlighting the ideas and propositions of Young Chance Pack, reflecting the vision of future science and technology and the contribution of packaging industry.

"YongChuang" pronunciation is similar to "Young Chance", representing vibrant business opportunities, but also contains the deep meaning of young vitality and passion dream, igniting sparks for human beings to create a better future, reflecting Young Chance Pack‘s ardent pursuit of foresight and innovation, and expressing Young Chance Pack‘s aspiration and the wide range of different industries. Big customers hand in hand to grasp the strong desire of various business opportunities in the new economic environment.

The dark blue semi-circular arc earth and red flying eagle of Young Chance Pack brand logo , once again in line with the company‘s name reflects the striving, because hard striving itself is a kind of happiness. The design of the whole brand logo is also a variant of China‘s "Tai Chi Tu"(Diagram of the Universe). It implies adhering to the philosophical concept of "from Wuji to Tai Chi, from zero to the creation of all things" embodied in China‘s fine tradition, and striving to present the original and harmonious situation of the harmonious coexistence of human, heaven and earth, and conveying the concept of harmony and harmony. Efforts should be made to realize the harmonious symbiosis between mankind, technology and the future.

Brand Structures

Brand Belief   

Professional Packaging Solution provider 

Young Chance Pack insists on improving the quality and service through technological innovation, making the packaging scheme more professional in the application of the production line, and making the working experience of human beings more relaxed and better.

Global management, multi brand strategy 

From single product to multi-product, from product brand to enterprise brand, Young Chance Pack has been deepening the development of brand, enhancing brand competitiveness and influence. Through technological innovation to improve quality and service, so that the vast number of production lines on the application of more professional packaging programs, so that human work experience is more relaxed and better.

Our client -- the dreamer.  

With enthusiasm, dare to dream and dare to think, they love work and pay attention to life; lead the trend, emphasize personality, they pursue a healthy and balanced working style and rhythm of life, full of imagination for more advanced packaging production line. Young Chance Pack echoes their love for life and achieves their pursuit of a better life by creating more professional and intelligent packaging production equipment.           

Our customers -- the dream chaser.           

They are the key partners of Young Chance Pack. They hold similar values and have the same goal and direction. We work together to create a value ecological cycle, increase productivity and achieve business goals with efficiency.           
They are the forecasters of the times and highly agree with the future development of intelligent packaging solutions and professional machinery and equipment solutions in many product areas and related business.           
They are the drivers of innovation. Together with Young Chance Pack, they are advancing hand in hand in the direction of automation of intelligent manufacturing equipment, transparency of production, intelligence of logistics, mobile management and data-based decision-making.

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