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Master Kong Story : Drinking Water and Beverage Product

Time:2018-08-09 Views:351

Master Kong Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries are mainly engaged in the production and sale of instant noodles, drinks and instant food in China. Since 1996, the Group has expanded from a single convenient food business to the beverage industry; in March 2012, it further expanded its beverage business scope, completed its strategic alliance with PepsiCo‘s beverage business in China, and began to be solely responsible for manufacturing, filling, packaging, marketing and distribution of PepsiCo‘s non-alcoholic beverages in China.

Young Chance Pack has cooperated with its subsidiaries in Urumqi, Lanzhou, Baotou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other places successively, providing thermal shrinkable film packaging solutions represented by LC-MBS15 equipment, which are deeply loved and supported by relevant regional companies.

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